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Good site for free hosting ?

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Re: Good site for free hosting ?

von xaidali » Sa Apr 07, 2018 1:23 pm

ninjahippie hat geschrieben:What sites are good for hosting a free website ?

P.s thanks very much i have found this website so handy :D

Absolutely NO, because you can get best hosting for as low as $2.95/month. You can go with Free, only if it your personal blog and will not have any visitors or If you can not afford $2.95/month.

Reasons you should NOT go with Free hosting:

Low quality Servers and bad server response times:

I bet you will never find any free hosting, which performs as better as any paid hosting. Your entire website and business depends on how fast your page load times are. Every second you delay in loading pages, you lose customers.

Less Security

000WebHost is known to be one of the best hosting, which is being used by 15 millions free web sites.

Just go and search 000WebHost hacked, you will understand that their servers are hacked earlier and usernames, passwords, and other user content has been compromised for all these websites.

If the hosting company itself can not protect themselves, what Security they can provide for your websites?

Up time

The time their servers are Up. Can you find a single FREE hosting company claiming, they have 100% Up time? No.

If 99% up time per year means, more than 3 days in an year, their servers are down. Can your business afford it? No, your business reputation is gone for wind.


You take any aspect, no free hosting company can come any closer to paid web hosting. There is huge competition among paid hosting companies, they give the best discounts.

First read below answer to understand what all amazing features you get if you can spend $2.95/month and decide if you still want to go to free hosting.



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Re: Good site for free hosting ?

von Matt Clark » So Jun 10, 2018 6:15 am

In my opinion infinityfree and 000webhost are a good fit for free wordpress hosting. But check out google's blogger platform which provides free hosting for lifetime...

Matt Clark

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