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Images and Links not working

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Images and Links not working

von subha.shankar » Di Sep 26, 2017 3:59 pm


I have just started to learn html, I don't intend to make websites but I do want to know how. It would be great if someone can help me fix the issues I am facing. Here's my code:

<title> Macromolecules </title>


<h1> Macromolecules </h1>

<img src=“/Users/Desktop/Subha/20170513_135447.jpg" alt=“Anna” style="width:304px;height:228px;" align="left">

<img src=“” alt=“AnnaSmiles” style="width:304px;height:228px;" align=“right”>

<img src = “” alt=“Carbs” style="width:304px;height:228px;">

The human cell is composed of 80% water and 20% of large molecules called macromolecules. These molecules are often polymers. <br/>
<li>Nucleic acid</li>

<a href=“"> Carbohydrates</a>



When I open my page on the browser,
1) my images don't work, they have what I believe are called broken tree links (?, like a small cloud and mountain) on them. I have opened the images separately on my browser to check if it works and it does. I don't know why it does not work with html.
2) my link to the Wikipedia page of carbohydrates does not work, it says "your file was not found". While I was typing this question, I noticed that when I click on the link, it is trying to find the file on my desktop - instead of opening, it is trying to open file:///Users/Desktop/ So, I changed my code to <a href=""> Carbohydrates</a> and now my link works fine. But isn't adding links to my website as simple as copying-pasting the the address on my code? Then, why did it not work with ""?
Any help much appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Images and Links not working

von linensrange786 » Do Nov 09, 2017 10:50 am

Your salt density may be incorrect, at lest it is different than Google says.

I Mean Perspective Client .


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